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Morgan Keller's Page (aka Vanessa Corey)

Here I am in my Happy-To-Meet-You Suit


Current News:


Over 22 weeks, 12 countries, and 39 cities and towns into this 2 year world trip finds me in Inverness in the Scottish Highlands. I have spent most of the past 3 months enjoying longer stays in Brussels, London, Edinburgh, and Inverness rather than pushing a travel schedule. Next week I will head through a couple of the Scottish Isles and Fort William before making my way through Ireland. Then it is off to Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, The Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey....not neccessarily in that order.

The August robbery in Brussels was extremely costly in terms of material losses and time, totalling $12,000 and 6 weeks of time. In retrospect, that robbery left me on a different path that turned out to be incredibly fortunate. I realized I could no longer feel honest regret for a situation that led to such a priceless gift of fortune in exchange for a material loss. The $12,000 gift of chance is worth infinitely more. Walking through the fires of fate we can often emerge even better if our mind and spirit are in the right place to receive the good that is there for the taking and put it to good use.

June 2008 through June 2010: Away on World Trip

You are entering the MK BABBLE ZONE. Beware that you do so at your own risk. NO REFUNDS, but attitude adjustments can be arranged. The grumpy and mean need not apply.

This is where I tell you a bit about me so that we can say you have been adequately forewarned if not forearmed! Personally, I prefer more substantial and abstract topics of discussion so the contents of this website should limit need for basic small talk about me.

The nature of my web page reflects what I enjoy in other people's web pages: a personal look at who they are and what they enjoy, what they are about as a person. Many personal web pages are rather generic and empty of the spirit of the person. Not everyone shares my preferences of forwardness and expansion, but that is merely a matter of differences in personality and perspective. We each like what we like for our own reasons. We can never be everyone's cup of tea, nor should we ever want to be or try to be. It is also constructive to keep in mind that any criticism or judgment is only as valuable as is it both true and compatible with a decent moral value system. Part of maturity and intelligent social functioning is being responsible for seeking out and actively fulfilling one's own healthy preferences and allowing others to do the same, while yet standing up for what truly does matter in life. Part of the fun and fascination of the internet is the freedom that such an environment allows each of us to exercise and illuminate that particular social reality.


You will notice that I have included a link to my home library catalog at as well as a library widget displaying sample titles. I have many volumes in my library that might seem strange or even silly to many. Perusing the libraries of an individual can offer a lot of insight into the person as long as one is careful to view the collection in light of the mind and personality of the person who it belongs to. Why do I read and own such items as Mein Kamph, The Qur'an, or a huge assortment of books on topics of mysticism such as atrology and numerology? Because understanding what people think and how they think is valuable. Patterns and context are invaluable keys in most things and attention to the realities of context, patterns, meaning, and roots of various thoughts, mindsets, as well as external realities are exactly what broad and avid reading teaches the mind.


The short Story

I am a 42 year old LEO, a DOUBLE LEO as LEO is my rising sign as well as my sun sign. I mention that astrological note for those negative souls who find themselves compelled to note my July birthday and comment that LEOS are arrogant by nature. Well, LEOLEO that, and judge my confident nature as you wish! I was also born in the chinese year of the goat with a spirit that supposedly vibrates strongly to the expansive and versatile number 5. Every good mythical script has its defense in humanity's inability to fairly judge all of them at once without hypocrisy. Toying with scripts is at once the question and the answer of the number 5.

My standard online alias for 20 years has been some form of "Morgan Keller" aka Vanessa Corey.

The  L o n g  Story

According to MBTI oriented personality tests, I tend to exhibit an ENTP profile pattern preference. I am very friendly and curious for the most part, but that amicable spirit is typically not extended in response to deliberate maliciousness or manipulation. A voracious reader, I have a love for written and oral discussion as a means of exploring and integrating thoughts. Thorough analysis, in-depth discussion and debate, especially in the area of human nature, is a favored pleasure. While it is my nature to be somewhat critical and demanding in such exchanges, I do strive to be as reasonable and as objective as possible and to conduct myself with decency and honor. I highly value intelligent conversationalists who converse with moral and mental integrity and a passion for good clean enjoyment. I tend to prefer the abstract over the concrete, the substantial over the trivial and superficial, and text over speech. And yes, in the more colloquial spaces of social interaction, I do display a habit of breaking quite a few rules of language standardization. Perhaps it has something to do with my ideas about the nature of language and its use in relationship to the human mind? Absolutely! It began a few years ago as a self guinea pig exploration of my own linguistic habits, which were quite standardized, in practice for the sake of the expected responsible conformity. Most people take language, its standardization, and its mythical charactaristic of being static, far too much for granted as a set in stone "fact" of reality beyond the human mind and its power of arbitration.

I can be both outgoing and reserved, it depends on the situation. I am by nature a rather shy and quiet person, which is more evident in some situations than in others. Sometimes people get that about me, sometimes they don't. My mind tends to gravitate towards fascination with elements of the undercurrents of any given situation, with systems and how their elements relate and operate. Its a fascinating world full of fascinating people in a fascinating universe....and it is true that because of that sometimes I can be a spacecase, but it works well for me and it is harmless. The fact is, I AM an oddball, a fish out of water in a lot of ways that are very clear, and even acceptable to me and constructive for my life missions, but it is also true that some people might jump to mistaken conclusions and personal judgments about the reality behind such oddness. What is different or not understood is not neccesarily bad or deficient; it may simply be different in its inherent nature, its motives, and its aims. When it comes to thinking about the reality of a human being, thinking outside the box along broader, more constructive lines should be a general rule of thumb to the thought process. I am not perfect, but I do like who and what I am and what I am constantly in the process of becoming. I think that is what makes me lucky in this life; I am not only my first judge, I am also my first best friend, an honorable, intelligent, and healthy best friend. Regardless of what the rest of the world thinks about any of us, we start out better equipped when we start out having established a solid, healthy, and positive relationship with our self first.

A hodgepodge is no simple matter, Watson.

How DOES a platypus come to use a word like "hodgepodge"? Rather nifty disarming retort, ODDBALL!!! ....but I digress, of course. Perhaps I am the only one that finds the exchange particulary funny inserted here. The beauty of inside jokes...

My cultural and spiritual heritage is a mixture of Native American (Cherokee and Wy-am) (native spirits-polytheistic/animism), Indian (Amritsar, Punjab, India) (Sikhism), and Dutch (Christian). Those who expect me to be a well defined example of any one particular cultural heritage, ignore the reality of one new person emerging from a rich and diverse cultural background via a highly diverse world of opportunity and life experience from which to draw from in the forming of a new individual.

I have led a rather unconventional and adventurous life. I have traveled quite a bit and I lived in Europe for a few years working in a diplomatic capacity. I am multi-lingual, albeit somewhat rusty in Russian and Czech.

I neither smoke nor do drugs and I rarely drink alcohol. I see no need to elevate or change my natural state of mood or perception as I already enjoy the way I think and feel. I live a morally and materially decent, constructive, responsible, independent, and socially/spiritually connected life as a single woman with no children, usually have a a great job (resigned in June 2008 to travel), and a quality personal life that I very much enjoy. My political and social views may be summed up by saying that I hold the rights of each individual, and the personal responsibility of each individual, to be important to mankind, its environment,and greater life itself. My political views are thus somewhat libertarian, but not entirely. In addition, I am neither religious nor theistic, although I am certainly spiritual. I have always been an atheist, and I am very happy and comfortable with that , but many seem to be confused as to what atheist actually means. Check out: Simply, put, I have no belief in gods. However, I do believe in the intelligent, healthy, moral responsiblity of individuals to humanity (self AND other), environments, and to greater life itself. One needs no god to live with responsible productivity, honor, goodness, and decency. Your personal beliefs and preferences need not echo mine.


Being in my head
Meeting new people
Exploring people, mindframes, and human nature
Foreign Languages and Cultures
Adventurous Travel
Alone Time
My Kitty!!!
My Next Dog!!!
Gourmet Cooking
GRATITUDE (the well of the spirit of life)
People whose basic nature is to be kind, decent, generous, and honorable, even when no one would know the difference and yet do not martyr themselves, but attempt to live in a healthy balance of caring for self, other, and environment.


People who are: bitchy, moody, negatively chaotic, hypocritical, irresponsible, hateful, helpless, deliberately mean, severely lacking in integrity/honor, ect. Nobody is perfect, but some people's bad charactar makes them far less worth knowing, liking, and respecting than others. When people exhibit these ways of being, that is always their problem that they have to live with inside. None of us will be liked by everyone and we are neither required to like everyone nor to respond nicely to every action or attitude of every person. In the end, we can leave them to their own devices for the most part and simply go on with our own lives.

I am terrified of spiders, but less so than I used to be because I have worked at it.

I don't really care for TV, but I like watching Hockey or documentaries

I hate that many elements of humanity often find it easier to resort to harmful hatred and/or violence against human beings and their concerns than to simply note a dislike and disagreement and simply go on about their lives in compromise or difference.

Mythical Scripts: very common and popular fallacies in human thought and belief. They are everywhere and they are sometimes fascinating, often quite annoying to deal with in regards to supposedly intelligent, mature human beings. Even when regarded as false by many, the common mythical script is often perpetuated anyway between shameless manipulations for illigitmate power and shameful cowardice of those who forfeit the power and responsiblity of truth. We might say that Man and his scripts both exist as viruses, and that one may eventually trump the other.

"I would much rather be good, than appear good"


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